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Founded in the picturesque landscapes of Eastern Canada, our journey began with a simple idea – to provide a solution to all your greenhouse needs.

At Maritime Greenhouse Connections, we have a deep-rooted passion for greenhouses and a commitment to quality. Let us help you turn your greenhouse aspirations into reality, just as Brian did on his transformative journey in the world of greenhouse construction.


Meet Brian Huntley

In 2020, Brian embarked on a new journey after dedicating many years to the farming industry. His expertise and dedication to agriculture led him to accept a position with an organic vegetable farm nestled near his home. The farm's owners recognized Brian's exceptional talents and extensive farming experience and had a vision to enhance their winter production capabilities. They entrusted Brian with constructing a cutting-edge geothermal greenhouse equipped with climate batteries.


As Brian delved into the greenhouse project, he discovered his innate talent for greenhouse construction and his profound passion for it. Creating an environmentally sustainable, year-round growing space sparked a newfound sense of purpose within him. It was clear that he had found his calling.


With unwavering support from his family, Brian took a bold step forward, and Maritime Greenhouse Connections was born. This venture became a testament to his commitment to providing top-tier greenhouse construction services for the organic vegetable farm and the broader community of gardeners, growers, and businesses in Quebec and the Maritime Provinces.

Inside Greenhouse

Ready to Get Started?

Don't wait to turn your greenhouse dreams into reality. Whether you envision a sanctuary for your prized plants, a space to grow fresh produce year-round, or a commercial growing operation, Maritime Greenhouse Connections is your partner in success.

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