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Greenhouse Construction

Let us build your perfect greenhouse

A well-planned and well-built greenhouse will give you a lifetime of gardening success and enjoyment.

Maritime Greenhouse Connections can build your dream Greenhouse.  Through our expertise and skill, we can identify the ideal building site on your property, and assemble a quality structure suited to your gardening needs.


We Can Build Your Perfect Greenhouse

Use our Expertese

Good Gardeners optimize the growth and health of what they plant.  Similarly, Maritime Greenhouse Connections' expertise can help you create the ideal set up and conditions for the  plants you intend to grow

Site Selection &
Pre Building Considerations

We can identify the ideal location for your greenhouse. Whether it is for your first greenhouse or an addition, if your style requires different features, a large or small project -we can help.


A genuine commitment to build and install the highest quality greenhouses you’ll find on the market. Made especially for your needs, paired with superior craftsmanship, means your greenhouse will last for decades

Atmos Greenhouse Systems
Climate Batteries

We offer design and consulting services for climate battery and energy efficient greenhouses, using Atmos Greenhouse Systems

- Learn more here -

Inside Greenhouse

 What is a Climate Battery? 

A conventional battery stores energy in the form of electricity while a climate battery stores energy in the form of heat that your greenhouse can use.

A climate battery greenhouse utilizes the thermal mass of the earth to heat your greenhouse, much the same as a conventional geothermal system. Unlike common geothermal systems, the climate battery greenhouse simply uses fans to move heated air through corrugated piping, not complicated and expensive heat pumps.

Grow Your Vision

MGC Greenhouse construction takes into account your specific Greenhouse needs. Our Greenhouses are designed and built using specialized materials, ventilation and lighting that will hold in heat and help to keep your greenhouse at an ideal temperature, creating an optimal environment for plant growth. 

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